What to eat in the Southern Highlands

what to eat in the southern highlands

What to Eat when in the Southern Highlands

When you are visiting the Southern Highlands, located in New South Wales, Australia, there are many sights to see and places to visit. Located approximately 110km southwest of Sydney, the Southern Highlands is remarkable combination of natural beauty, superb climate, and plenty of activities and places to eat.

Its proximity to Sydney makes the Southern Highlands a great place to visit for the weekend. But there is plenty of things to do if you decide to spend a week or more on vacation. The challenge is how to fit in all the activities into the time you have for sightseeing.   

Things to Do

As the name implies, there are hills and valleys in the Southern Highlands. The geography and climate make it well suited for producing wine. And there are many vineyards and wineries to visit in the region. For those who love wine, the Southern Highlands is the place to visit. You can take in the many small villages and towns that feature wineries, spas, and attractions for the entire family.

Of course, there are the spectacular outdoor attractions that makes this part of Australia popular with tourists. The numerous falls bring in people from all over to see their beauty and wonder.

  • Belmore Falls
  • Carrington Falls
  • Fairy Bower Falls

In addition, there is the Lake Alexandra Reserve which is perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities. You can also see the falls and magnificent canyons when visiting Morton National Park and Budderoo National Park. Each location is filled with awe-inspiring natural wonder.

If you feel like seeing these wonders from a different perspective, but you do not want to rent a plane, then taking the Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk is a must. This provides you with amazing vistas as you see so much of the rain forest. Plus, you can go zip-lining in the area and enjoy the ride while sailing through the trees. It’s the perfect escape for the young and young at heart who will enjoy the adventure.

The escarpments made of sandstone give the area an otherworldly feel, but there are towns that dot the area such as Mittagong, Bowral, and Berrima still feature buildings that seem to come straight out of 19th century England.

Berrima is a historic township with many historic buildings made from sandstone. You can visit the oldest continually licensed inn in all of Australia, Surveyor General Inn. And Harper’s Mansion is a favourite, located on a hilltop and featuring gardens and a maze to please the kids. But it is Bowral that draws in many people thanks to the numerous attractions.

What to do in Bowral?

Bowral offers many attractions to see the year-round, but one of the most famous is the Tulip Time Festival where over 100,000 tulips are on display. It is an amazing sight and certainly worth going to Bowral during the festival.

However, the town of Bowral may be best known as the home of the International Cricket Hall of Fame. For cricket fans, this is the place to go and see the accomplishments of the athletes in this proud sport. In addition, you can visit the celebrated Bradman Museum which offers plenty of sights and attractions that makes it fascinating for the entire family.

As with many towns in the region, Bowral offers its fair share of old English style residences and locations such as Corbett Gardens and Retford Park. There is even a whimsical statue of Mary Poppins which seems right at home deep in the Southern Highlands. But if your taste is antiques, then be sure to visit Dirty Janes Bowral, a massive warehouse filled with fascinating items from a bygone era.

Bowral has its art district, vineyards, and other attractions that make it the perfect weekend getaway. But once you have seen the sights, it is time to get a bite to eat.

What to Eat in the Southern Highlands?

Of course, no visit to the Southern Highlands would be complete without sampling some of the delicious food that the region has to offer. One of the more tempting places to eat for those visiting the area is Genki Poke.

This remarkable restaurant offers plenty of fresh dishes created from fresh ingredients. The emphasis is on creating an unforgettable experience with meals that tempt the palate, but do not empty the wallet. It helps that the fresh ingredients and interesting dishes make Genki Poke the place in the Southern Highlands to visit when you want an excellent meal.

Of the different dishes served at Genki Poke, the Poke Bowl is probably the most popular. There are good reasons why so many come back to Genki Poke to have the Poke Bowl again and again.

What is Good about a Poke Bowl?

The bowl itself is a seemingly simple combination of ingredients that are dense on nutrients, but light in terms of fat or carbohydrates. This means that you get plenty of protein that fills you up without the feeling of eating too much. Instead, the combination of veggies used combined with the healthy ingredients makes for a marvelous meal.

The basic version of the Poke Bowl is tempting enough. However, you are given up to 30 toppings to create a Poke Bowl that is just right for your taste. It is this variety of choices combined with the fresh ingredients that makes people come back for more. Whether you choose one of the signature bowls or create one of your own, there is enough good taste and variety of toppings to satisfy your needs.

Popular Sellers

Of course, Genki Poke is known more than just for it Poke Bowl. There are many other delicious treats on their menu which include the following.

  • Garlic Prawns
  • Maguro Tuna
  • Salmon Poke
  • Soft Tofu
  • Teriyaki Chicken

At Genki Poke, you can choose your own sauce with your meal, making it special just for you. When you are wondering what to eat in the Southern Highlands, you cannot go wrong when you choose Genki Poke and their remarkable Poke Bowl.

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