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About Us

Our Mission

To provide fresh and healthy food to the Southern Highlands Community by offering quality, service and value.

A Few Words About Us

We’re a Mum and Dad with two kids that created Genki Poke because we were looking for healthy food options for both ourselves and our kids. Having lived long term in Japan and fallen in love with Japanese food, we wanted to bring the same fresh, healthy food to the Southern Highlands. Now living in the Highlands, we’ve now set out on a mission to provide fresh and healthy food for our local community.

Poke bowls originate from Native Hawaiian Cuisine and traditionally consist of diced raw fish served as either an appetizer or main course. We’ve created modern versions by providing heaps of options inspired by what’s popular in this day and age.

There are three things that are very important for us at Genki Poke – quality, service and value. By quality we mean getting fresh, premium ingredients each and every time you eat with us. When you choose something off the menu, it’s going to taste just as good this time as it did last time you had it. So you know what you’re going to get every single time.

Our service is friendly and reliable. We like to smile and don’t mind a chat at all. You can count on us because we’re more than happy to go the extra mile. By value we mean value for money. As parents we know that every cent counts because things aren’t cheap these days. That’s why we make sure that everything we offer is good value for your money.

We’re super excited to be the first to bring poke bowls to the Highlands. You can find us at 35 Station St Bowral, 122-124 Main St Mittagong and 546 Arygle St Moss Vale. Or just give us a call and we can deliver to your door throughout the week. We look forward to serving your taste buds, let’s eat!

P.S. In case you’re wondering about the name, the word “Genki” means “good health, energetic, full of spirit”. It’s also used as a common way of greeting someone in Japan!

Our Food Policy

Our food policy is simple – keep it fresh, keep it clean, keep it healthy. We take pride in always providing the freshest ingredients, especially our seafood. Our seafood is sourced daily to ensure you get the freshest fish possible. We only prepare enough ingredients for the current day. If we sell out then that’s it for the day, if we have any leftovers we’ll get rid of it and make a fresh batch the next day. We don’t store our ingredients for long periods, it just doesn’t taste as good!


Be apart of Our Team

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